State Model Evaluation System

Deer Trail 26J uses the State Model Evaluation System. Please click on the following link:

"Educator Effectiveness Metrics" In 2010, Colorado lawmakers seeking to improve the state’s educational system pinpointed an essential quality of successful schools – having excellent teachers in every classroom and excellent principals in every building. To meet this goal, the state has focused on developing and supporting evaluation systems that give educators thoughtful, useful feedback on their instruction every year in a thorough and fair manner. Data from those evaluations are submitted to the state and compiled to produce the Educator Effectiveness Metrics, which give schools and districts information that can be useful. improvement. The metrics are based off of evaluations of professional practice with measures of student learning accounting for half of an educator’s evaluation. A portion of those 14 teacher metrics and 16 principal metrics are being released to the public to show how teachers and principals are doing as a group at the school, district and state level. You can find those metrics for our school and district here. (Link) When you click on the link, you will see four specific metrics: • Effectiveness ratings are a compilation of all ratings and range from “highly effective” and “effective” to “partially effective” and “ineffective.” • Quality standards examine instructional standards for teachers and leadership standards for principals. For example, the metric looks at how well teachers know the content, whether they establish good learning environments and how much academic growth their students achieve. Principals also will be rated on their leadership capabilities. • Alignment shows the connection between educators and student growth on statewide assessments and other measures. • Equitable distribution shows the number of effective teachers as it relates to student demographic characteristics. The information will feature only state-level, district-level and school-level data and will be published only for groups of five or more educators to protect privacy. Individual educators will not be identified. Educator Effectiveness Metrics were designed to make the evaluation system meaningful and productive and to generate the constructive feedback we need to continue to improve student learning outcomes. For a more detailed look into the process and the system, please look at the information on this website.